Online education. 

This series of sequence modules of online education is focused on the foundation, unlike my lectures. I want you to understand that the course is from elementary to advanced classes, thinking of you as a graduate student. I am concerned about your background, I am not concerned about the impact of a beautiful case but about giving you the knowledge base.


Modules have an individual value, each module can be purchased separately. The videos were available for 365 days for you to watch as often as you like and wherever you want. At the end of each module you receive a learning certificate.

Módulo 1

Stratification theory, how to use composite resins in stratification. Contemplating theoretical videos on color principles applied to composite resins, Class I and IV demonstrations, clinical cases on Class I, IV and incisal cosmetic contouring following Class IV technique.

Módulo 2

Theory of adherence principles, including adherence. Contemplating would have in enamel adhesion, demonstration class II and class IV and proximal contact hit. In addition to clinical cases demonstrating multiple teeth cosmetic contour, class II and repair of fractured composite resins.

Módulo 3

Dentin adhesion theory and adhesives. With demonstrations of use of bulk fill flowable resins, plant symmetry and mirror area adjustment. In addition to clinical cases of cosmetic contour hitting the symmetry of central and mirror areas, class I using bulk fill flowable.

Módulo 4

Theory of self etching and universal adhesives. With theoretical videos of postoperative sensitivity, demonstration of conoidal lateral, class I regular bulk fill. Clinical case videos on posterior restoration using regular bulk fill resin, conoid lateral and central diastema closure.

Módulo 5

Composite resin theory as a restorative material. Theoretical videos of composite resin grading, darkened tooth facet demonstration. And clinical case videos of darkened tooth faceting, semi-direct technique of composite resins on posterior teeth and posterior teeth.

Módulo 6

Polymerization theory. Resin cement theory, demonstration of finishing and polishing before and after. Clinical cases of simplified anterior cosmetic contour techniques using two resins. In addition to clinical cases of anterior teeth using only flowable and onlays preparation with intraoral scanning and adhesive cementation.