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Shortcuts is the reprint of the book Tips. The production of the book was followed by another process, for a different moment of life, allowing to enjoy the production without sacrifices.


Shortcuts is the result of the personal experience of trying to be happy, doing what Ronaldo Hirata has sought to do for so long and favoring readers interested in the information contained in the book. The language options of the book are: Portuguese, English and Spanish.


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This book is not about technical content and about Ronaldo Hirata's thoughts. It is a collection of editorials, condensed within this book. Flow blends into lifestyle with routine New York City photographs taken by Jeff Chu's lens.


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This book of tips deals simply and practically with the concepts that guide restorative dentistry. With a relatively extensive textual part, it covers clinical questions following a flow of common questions and answers.

“… TIPS can mean‘ tips ’,.. Tricks’, ‘secrets’.


In a more popular Portuguese, tips means ‘‘ the cat jump ’’, which few know and is fundamental for someone to properly and simply accomplish something. ”


There were copies in the languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian.

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